Nanomedicine Group

Nanomedicine Group seeks to integrate nanotechnology and materials science with knowledge gained from the life sciences. It also seeks to elucidate basic biological phenomena using nanotechnology and materials science. The group manages the laboratory for Frontier Biomaterials Science, Graduate School of Life Science, Hokkaido University. Students of this lab conduct research as members of the group until they receive their degree.

Specialized Research Field

Integration of Life Sciences with Nanotechnology

Our challenge is to apply beneficial technologies to society by integrating original biological discoveries with original materials technologies and nanotechnology. The integration of life sciences and nanotechnology/materials science has two approaches. The first approach is to link critical knowledge in the life sciences to technological innovations through the use of nanotechnology and materials science. The other approach is to use nanotechnology and materials science to lead to important discoveries in the life sciences. We are doing research on the following topics.

  1. Discovery Genomics
  2. Development of delivery system for nucleic acid drugs
  3. Nanotoxicology
  4. Analysis of signal transduction by bio-imaging

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