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Nano Functionality Integration Unit

Creating,assembling, and measuring nano components and systems for future applications

Research on nanometer-scale materials and structures (nanomaterials research) is important not only from viewpoints of fundamental and basic sciences, such as physics, chemistry and biology, but also for engineering applications. For future applications, assembling nanoscale “components” into a “system” and understanding how such a system emerges functionality are truly demanded. To put these ideas into practice, we are pursuing development and application of novel techniques and methods for measuring and utilizing the properties of components and systems at the nanometer scale.

Our group is also appointed as a laboratory in the doctoral course of materials science and engineering, graduate school of pure and applied sciences, the University of Tsukuba. International collaboration is very active with the United States, France, Switzerland, Australia and other countries.

Selected Research Topics

  • Development of Multiple-probe Scanning Probe Microscopes (MP-SPM)
  • Nano to micrometer scale electrical measurememts using MP-SPM
  • Atom/molecular manipulations for building nanostructures and nanofunctionalities
  • Neuromorphic networks of nanomaterials for brain-like signal processing

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