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Molecular Design & Function Group

We aim at the exploitation of new π-conjugated molecules/polymers and their assemblies through organic/macromolecular synthetic strategies and the supramolecular approach, leading to the creation of various functional organic materials with optimized optoelectronic properties. In particular, we exploit rational design of molecular components, control and modulation of molecular interactions, and various kinds of self-assembled organic nanostructures with finely tuned viscosity and phase-segregated structures, which will pave the way to the production of organic materials with functioning structures.

Specialized Research Field

1. Unconventional design of conjugated molecules and polymers

We synthesize new conjugated polymers with unusual optical, electronic, and mechanical properties, and create assemblies of those polymers and polymer-based composite materials as de facto standards.

2. Development of organic soft materials

Taking advantage of the distinctive properties of organic substances, such as optoelectronic features, light weight, and flexibility, we create materials with finely tuned viscosity and phase-segregated structures for applications.

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Molecular Design & Function Group
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