Medical Soft Matter Group

2020.05.28 Update

Development of medical innovation is supported by material researches in many cases, for which our group aims to take an important role. We are developing medical materials by extensively understanding characteristics and functions of biointerfaces in living bodies. For achieving this objective, we are conducting (1) Basic researches on living membranes mainly composed of phospholipids from viewpoints of physical chemistry and biophysics, (2) Synthesis of medical materials using soft materials including phospholipids and organic polymers for improving quality of drug delivery, and (3) Explanation of macroscopic property of soft materials by microscopic researches which understand and regulate non-equilibrium structure of the materials in an atomic level. Clinical development of our materials is also our scope, which should be achieved by collaborating with pharmaceutical companies and universities.

Specialized Research Field

1. Development of biomedical materials mainly composed of phospholipids.
2. Physical chemistry and biophysics for understanding characteristics and function of biomembranes.
3. Regulation of non-equilibrium structure of soft materials.

Mesoporous Phospholipid Particles

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