Materials Forming Unit

Extensive research support in material processing

2023.04.01 Update

Materials Forming Unit conducts compression tests and process development of metal materials using state-of-the-art equipment and contributes to the research and development of heat-resistant superalloys used mainly for jet engines and gas turbines for power generation. In addition, it provides essential research support for materials research, such as device design and fabrication according to researchers’ requests by highly skilled engineers, fabrication of physical and chemical glass equipment, and sample preparation for microstructure observation and analysis, both inside and outside NIMS.

Specialized Research Field

  • Plastic working: Material property test, material molding test, vacuum heat treatment (variable cooling speed), technical consultation
  • Machine shop : Machining and processing upon request from researchers, Providing technological consultation and other services, Design and prototyping work using CAD, Machining and micromachining of test pieces, Holding monthly safety and technology classes in English and Japanese
  • Glass Workshop : Design and manufacture of glass equipment/devices, Technical support for research, Vacuum sealing and insert gas replacement sealing of sample materials, Precision polishing, Technical consultation  
  • Metallography workshop : Cutting, implantation and polishing of various types of materials, Observation/hardness measurement, Surface evaluation, Holding classes on sample preparation techniques, Individual consultation related to specimen preparation  

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Materials Forming Unit
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