Magnetic Refrigeration System Group

2021.06.01 Update

Magnetic refrigerators based on the magnetocaloric effect can in principle be cooled at a higher efficiency than conventional gas-compression refrigerators, and can contribute significantly to a low-carbon society. Our Magnetic refrigeration system group is developing a high-efficiency hydrogen liquefier using this magnetic refrigeration and a room-temperature magnetic refrigerator by applying it to room temperature range.

Specialized field and research subjects

We are researching the following themes:
・Demonstration of magnetic refrigerator for hydrogen liquefaction with high efficiency
・Search for the optimal active magnetic regeneration (AMR) cycle
・Direct numerical simulation of AMR system
・Development of magnetic refrigerator at room temperature


The kickoff meeting of “Development of advanced hydrogen liquefaction system by using magnetic refrigeration technology”, which was selected in FY2019 as a JST Future society creation project, large-scale project type “Innovative hydrogen liquefaction technology necessary for the future society”, was held on March 12, 2019 in the NIMS Sakura cite.
Outline of project

Group Leader

Koji Kamiya

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