Magnetic Materials Analysis Group

Multiscale characterization of functional materials.

2022.04.04 Update

To understand the structure-property relationships of magnetic and spintronic materials and their devices, various microscopy techniques are employed and though multiscale characterization of functional materials such as soft/hard magnetic materials, spintronic materials and their devices, semiconductor devices using SEM-FIB, TEM and 3DAP techniques to obtain understanding of structure-property relationships. Keeping state-of-the-art nanostructure analysis techniques, including the development of laser assisted 3DAP.

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Specialized Research Field

In order to understand the structure-property relationships of magnetic, spintronic and semiconductor devices, getting quantitative structural and chemical information at interphase interfaces is necessary. To achieve this goal, this group employ the state state-of-the-art electron microscopy and its analytical techniques. In addition, this group is engaged in the development of advance laser assisted 3D atom probe technique.

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