In-situ characterization technique development group

2022.05.10 Update

The research group aims to enhance the capability of in-situ characterization techniques in electron microscopy, and contribute to the materials research with the techniques. The term “in-situ characterization” is for broad range of experiments that apply various stimulus to the sample and observe the reaction. Especially, “operando measurement” that observes the device and/or functioning materials in actual working situation attracts much attention very recently. In practice, however, many difficulties exist to perform those experiment. The group has two main objectives: The first is to develop instruments and techniques that realize those in-situ experiments, and apply them to real life materials and devices. The second is to develop new electron microscopy techniques that suite for in-situ experiment. The electron microscope is very versatile way of measurement and various information can be obtained. By the development of those techniques the group will enhance the capability of electron microscopy further.

Research Field

  • Development of in-situ observation techniques
  • Development of electron micorscopy techniques
  • Phase retrieval techniques

Examples of Studies

Fig.1 Environmental specimen holder system

Fig.2 (a) In-situ Observation of chemical reaction of Cu and Pt atoms on graphene
  (b) In-situ observation of anisotropic etching with an environmental holder

Fig.3 High resolution imaging by 4D STEM and ist material application

Fig.4 Polarity measurement of pyramidal defects in GaN by 4D STEM

Fig.5 Lattice parameter variation mapping by stage scanning System
  Jpn. J. Appl. Phys. 58, SIIA03 (2019)

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