Hydrogen Materials Engineering Group

In order to contribute to the realization of the hydrogen society, we will apply the accumulated storage of light and ion beam technology and in-situ observation technology that we have cultivated up to now to material development related to magnetic refrigeration systems. Specifically, we are in charge of hydrogen-resistant surface modification to magnetic refrigeration materials, functional coating material development, and evaluation of hydrogen molecules in ortho-para conversion by optical measurement. We are also engaged in research into the development of advanced measurement technologies and control technologies that accelerate the development of magnetic refrigeration materials and thus energy and environmental materials.

Specialized field, research object

We are researching the following themes:

  1. Development of hydrogen barrier layer
  2. Evaluation of ortho-para conversion evaluation ratio of hydrogen molecule
  3. In-situ observation of materials under low temperature and hydrogen environment
  4. Nonlinear optical measurements to materials by ultra-high-speed spectroscopy
  5. Material surface control / Evaluation of physical properties of materials by ion beam technology
  6. Research on energy and environmental materials by microbial metabolism

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Hydrogen Materials Engineering Group
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