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High-temperature Superconducting Wire Group

Superconducting technologies are expected to reduce the energy consumption. A high-temperature superconductor (HTS) is a material with a superconducting transition temperature above 25 K. Since HTS materials perform well at 77 K (the boiling point of nitrogen) and has a high potential at low temperatures under high magnetic fields, they enable superconducting cables to be operated in a liquid- nitrogen cooling and superconducting magnet system without the use of expensive liquid helium. Our research focuses on improving the properties of HTS materials (especially their current carrying capacity) and developing technologies that promote HTS applications.


Primarily, we are investigating Bi-oxide cuprate, MgB2, and Fe-system HTSs and developing HTS magnet technologies. Bi-2223 HTS was discovered at National Institute of Material Science (NIMS) and is already being produced industrially in wire. To better understand the superconductor phase evolution that leads to a large increase in the current carrying capacity of Bi-2223 HTS, we are conducting thin-film studies on this material. We are also developing a wire fabrication process for MgB2 and Fe-system compound and various element technologies for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) magnets requiring very high stability and reliability.

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Our wire processing facilities include drawing, pressing, rolling, and swaging machines. We also possess extensive characterization equipment such as scanning electron microscopes (SEM), optical microscopes (OM), thermogravimetry-differential thermal analysis apparatus (TG-DTA), X-ray diffraction equipment (XRD), and inductively coupled plasma equipment (ICP).

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Selected Recent Results

  • Generation of high magnetic field over 30 Tesla using two types of high-Tc superconductor.
  • Our NMR equipment achieved the world’s highest magnetic field to date (1020 MHz) and consequently won the “Award on Superconductivity Science and Technology.”
  • Our superconductive NMR magnet has achieved the highest magnetic field (1020 MHz = 24.0 T) in NMR reported to date.

"The 1.02-GHz NMR system constructed by the NIMS group" Image

The 1.02-GHz NMR system constructed by the NIMS group

Recent Progress of HTS

Bi system superconductor discovered by National Institute for Materials Science (Old National Research Institute for Metals) are now used for practical applications such as electric power cable and high field magnets.

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