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Ultra-High Pressure Processes Group

There are variety of interesting phenomenon and also important reaction process under high pressure and high temperature. High pressure technology is to control the pressure, which is one of the most fundamental parameters in the materials science. Development of the technology is, therefore, very important to contribute for obtaining technological and academic breakthrough in the materials science field. The aim of our study is to contribute the materials science by developing the high pressure technology for materials synthesis and in-situ observation technique under high pressure.

Specialized Research Field

In the high pressure research field, technical advancement in the experimental set up is important. Following three high pressure experimental set ups have been so far developed and utilized for the materials science study. The group will continuously carry on the trials for the development of their high pressure process technologies and apply them for the materials science.
  • Development of synthesis process of new dense and/or new functional materials by using belt-type high-pressure apparatus.
  • Investigation of new phenomena and searching for new materials by the development of in-situ observation and high pressure generation techniques using Diamond Anvil Cell.
  • Materials synthesis of shock compression and in-situ observation of shock compression phenomena.

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Ultra-High Pressure Processes Group
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