Frontier Molecules Group

2022.01.12 Update

Frontier Molecules Group focuses on synthesis of frontier molecules possessing advanced functions and unique phenomena towards applications in security, sensing as well as bio- and medical usage. Our research contains methodologies of molecular design, synthesis, self-assembly, molecular recognition and hybridization with nanomaterials. we are aiming at development of world-top-level functional molecular materials with our original molecular design.

Specialized Research Field

Development of Novel Functions and Phenomena Based on Our Original Frontier Molecules

The common and requisite core scientific technique in the Frontier Molecules Group is development of functional molecular materials by means of organic synthesis. We start from original molecular design, synthesis those uncommon molecules using molecular mutation and combinatorial methodologies, and try to obtain molecules that have novel, rarely exotic, functions as well as phenomena. Besides, methodologies of self-assembly, molecular recognition, and hybridization with other materials can be essential to architect unique molecular materials.

Potential applications from those uniquely developed molecular materials would be towards:
  • security,
  • photo-memory,
  • bio- and medical usage which need deep understanding the interactions between developing molecules and task-specific bio-moieties,
  • sensors and adsorbents (gases, alcohols, water content) for industry and safety,
  • not limited above examples.

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