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Fine Particles Engineering Group

In the material process where the fine particle is used for the starting material, the creation and design of new powders, and the establishment of technology that enables to handle nanosized particles precisely and freely, are very important. We are studying the synthesis and manipulation of novel fine particles by using the external fields such as magnetic field, electric field, electrostatic field, plasma field, and high-pressure field in liquid. We aim to clarify the behavior of the particle in the multiple fields and apply it to the microstructural design of particle compacts, and create new ceramics which contribute to the solution of the environmental and energy problems.

Specialized Research Field

  • Synthesis of organic molecules-modified inorganic particles using high temperature-pressure field in liquid: Nano crystalline oxide particles are synthesized by developed hydrothermal synthesis process providing controllability of crystal size, morphology and surface modification with organic modifiers such as polymers and biomolecules.
  • Synthesis of novel nanoparticles by plasma process: The chemical reaction place, where the material synthesis process progresses, is precisely controlled using plasma, and it aims at the creation of the exotic materials.
  • Investigation of fundamentals of the magnetic field effects on materials processing: A remote, dynamic interaction controlled by a strong magnetic field is basically examined to provide novel material processing.
  • Establishment of advanced shaping technology of ceramic using electrophoretic phenomenon of particle in liquid : The energy and environmental-related ceramics with tailored microstructure are fabricated by electrophoretic deposition process using pulsed electric field and a strong magnetic field.

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Fine Particles Engineering Group
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