Ceramics Processing Group

2022.01.27 Update

In recent years, the development of new devices supporting advanced industries such as the semiconductor/IT industries, environmental industries, nuclear power, aerospace, and others, and development of equipment, higher efficiency, and reduction of environmental loads have been strongly required. The aims of the Ceramics Processing Group are to radically improve the fundamental properties of ceramic materials, such as optical and magnetic functions, heat resistance, and high strength, and to create advanced ceramics by intentionally superimposing or refining those properties.

Specialized Research Field

Control of microstructure in ceramics is one of the effective ways to improve their properties. In order to provide high performance ceramics for environment and energy technology, we focus on the microstructure control in bulk ceramics. The aim of this group is the development of the advanced processing for bulk ceramics such as powder synthesis, compaction and sintering.
In particular, we will develop the processing for designing the microstructure by each processing for powder synthesis, powder dispersion, crystallographic orientation and reaction sintering, or by the combination of these processing. For instance, it is expected that we improve the ionic conductivity in oxyapatite solid electrolyte with anisotropic conductivity if we can align the preferential crystal axis for ion conductivity by controlling crystalline orientation.
We intend to design an optimized microstructure for the properties by a novel processing and prepare advanced ceramics with high functionality and reliability.

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