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Toward our bright future by creating non-traditional materials

This center makes efforts to create new functional materials technology to be solutions for social and economic issues and to be new core for creation of new industrial field. Here, the functional materials are defined as compounds and structures which exhibit responses against external output. Hence, our activity involves electronic and optical materials to be installed in electronic and optical systems, materials for separation and collection of ions and molecules in solution, biomaterials exhibiting designed interaction with cells and organs and so on.
In particular, this research center makes effort to develop high performance semiconductors and high efficiency luminescent materials for energy saving, sensor materials for advanced automatic operation of systems and for secure society, separation and adsorption materials for reduced material and energy consumption, and biological glue and artificial bones for regenerative medicine by performing materials exploration to find useful materials and structures and refinement of materials performance. The goal of those research and development should be contribution to our society by utilization of newly developed materials. In addition, for utilization of those advanced materials and structures, this center also makes effort in exploration of new route for production of materials and refinement of production procedures in order to achieve smart industry with high efficiency of production. By considering not only materials exploration but also refining materials production technology.


Structure, property. (left) Scanning electron micrograph of the newly developed infrared detector. (right) Schematic structural diagram. The semiconductor layer containing the quantum wells is sandwiched between the top and bottom gold layers.
2020.02.04 Update Press Release

Development of a Less Toxic, Sensitive IR Detector Using Optical Antennas and Zigzag Wires

—Enhancement of Quantum Well-Generated Electric Current Using Antenna Resonance May Be Applicable to the Development of Sensitive Room-Temperature IR Detectors—

2019.07.30 Update Press Release

Colloidal Wound Dressing Capable of Reducing Inflammation after Cancer Surgery

—Hydrophobized Porcine Gelatin with Greatly Enhanced Adhesion Strength Can Be Applied Using an Endoscope, Preventing Severe Complications—

2019.03.22 Update Press Release

Photoelectric Detection of Individual Nitrogen-Vacancy Centers in Diamond

—Technique May Be Applicable to the Development of Quantum Sensors Capable of Nanoscale Spatial Resolution at Room Temperature—

Organization of the research center

This research center is consisting of many groups and offices, including 32 research groups, administrative office. Click hear(*Open in new window) for the organization chart .

Research project in this center

This center contribute to the Functional Materials Domain of NIMS as has been declared in NIMS's seven years long activity plan. The Functional Materials Domain includes three specific research projects as following.

  • Project 1: Developments in materials processing technology for actualizing technological seeds for advanced materials and structures (Leader: Izumi ICHINOSE)
  • Project 2: Controlling of structural hierarchy in crystals and interfaces for enhancements of their functionality (Leader: Takashi TANIGUCHI)
  • Project 3: Development of fundamental science and technology for creation of functional materials and structures (Leader: Shinya UJI)

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