Aiming at a world-leading center on energy and environmental materials

2023.09.05 Update
Research Center for Energy and Environmental Materials (GREEN) will conduct world-leading research and development of energy and environmental materials for realization of Carbon Neutral Society and Society 5.0. Exploring sustainable and maximum utilization of renewable energies, we especially focus on battery/cell and hydrogen materials in the context of energy storage and transformation. In the battery/cell materials field, we will extensively investigate the materials for advanced Li-ion battery, solid-state battery, photovoltaic cell and so on, and contribute to the development of the next-generation better-performance devices. In the hydrogen technology materials field, we will intensively study developing magnetic and superconducting materials as well as the associated systems for the magnetic refrigeration, which is crucial for efficient liquid hydrogen production, and catalytic materials for hydrogen production. Besides, to establish the fundamental knowledge and draw the guiding principle of these energy and environmental materials and systems, we enormously advance the cutting-edge techniques of characterization, automated experiment, and computational/data science approaches. These studies will accelerate the development of energy and environmental materials, leading to bright future.


Figure. Coordinates materials-search AI and robotic experiment via NIMS-OS
2023.07.20 Update #Press Release

Development of NIMS-OS: General-Purpose Software Enabling Autonomous, Automated Experiments

—Application Coordinates Materials-Search AI and Automated Experiments—

2023.05.16 Update #Press Release

2023.04.19 Update #Press Release

Extending the Life of a Lithium Metal Anode Using a Protective Layer Made of an Extremely Tough Gel Electrolyte

—Anode Protection May Significantly Increase Lithium Secondary Battery Energy Density—

Research Organization

Battery and Cell Materials Field Solid-State Battery Group
Battery Interface Control Group
Battery Materials Analysis Group
Photovoltaic Materials Group
Interface Electrochemistry Group
Rechargeable Battery Materials Group
Automated Electrochemical Experiments Team
Hydrogen Technology Materials Field Magnetic Refrigeration System Group
Superconducting System Group
Hydrogen Related Materials Group
Hydrogen Production Catalyst Materials Group
Advanced Superconducting Wire Group
Battery Research Platform
Center for Advanced Battery Collaboration Advanced LIB Team
Lithium Air Team
All Solid State Team
Elements Strategy Team
Protocol Development Team
Database Team
Automated Robotic Experiments Team
Computational Science Team
Advanced Characterization Team

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