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Aiming for the world’s highest research center on energy and environmental materials

Our mission is developing energy and environment-related materials for realizing energy network systems that enable us to utilize a wide variety of energy with high efficiencies.

In particular, we are developing materials for solar cells, rechargeable batteries, hydrogen production systems, thermoelectric devices, etc.; and electrode catalysts as a common material among these devices. Computational science and materials informatics for material design and mechanism elucidation are also our research subjects to accelerate the materials development.

This center includes Cryogenic Center for Liquid Hydrogen and Materials Science (CLean) and NIMS Battery Research Platform; the former is developing materials and systems for magnetic refrigeration, which is crucial for efficient liquid hydrogen production in the coming hydrogen society, and the latter is an infrastructure facility for developing next-generation batteries. We are aiming for the world’s leading research center on energy and environmental materials with the aids of these infrastructures.


Comparison of martensitic transformation temperatures of the newly developed high entropy alloys and existing shape memory alloys.
2019.11.07 Update Press Release

High-performance Anode for All-solid-state Li Batteries is Made of Si Nanoparticles

—Large Volume Expansion during Charging, the Obstacle to Using Si Anodes in Conventional Liquid Electrolytes, Helps a Si Anode Composed of Nanoparticles in Solid Electrolytes Has High-Rate Discharge Capability Approaching Those of Si Films—

2019.08.21 Update Press Release

Development of the First Thermoelectric Module Composed Entirely of Abundant Elements

—Significant Advances in the Development of IoT Devices Equipped with Autonomous Power Supply Units—

2019.02.19 Update Press Release

Publication of Big Data on a Photovoltaic Microgrid Equipped with Rechargeable Batteries

—Actual Operational Data May Assist Design of Advanced Energy Management Systems—


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