Aiming for the world’s highest research center on energy and environmental materials

2022.04.20 Update
Our mission is developing energy and environment-related materials for realizing energy network systems that enable us to utilize a wide variety of energy with high efficiencies.
In particular, we are developing materials for solar cells, rechargeable batteries, hydrogen production systems, thermoelectric devices, etc.; and electrode catalysts as a common material among these devices. Computational science and materials informatics for material design and mechanism elucidation are also our research subjects to accelerate the materials development. 
This center includes Cryogenic Center for Liquid Hydrogen and Materials Science (CLean) and NIMS Battery Research Platform; the former is developing materials and systems for magnetic refrigeration, which is crucial for efficient liquid hydrogen production in the coming hydrogen society, and the latter is an infrastructure facility for developing next-generation batteries. We are aiming for the world’s leading research center on energy and environmental materials with the aids of these infrastructures.


(a) Comparison of compressibility between a chemically crosslinked gel and a UHMW gel. (b) Schematic showing UHMW gels’ ability to be recombined and the photos of recombined gels being stretched.
2022.10.20 Update Press Release

Development of an Easy-To-Synthesize Self-Healing Gel Composed of Entangled Ultrahigh Molecular Weight Polymers

—Circular-Economy-Friendly Gel May Be Used in Durable Flexible Devices—

2022.09.16 Update Press Release

Achieving Photovoltaic Power Generation for over 1,000 Continuous Hours at an Efficiency of More than 20%

—Breakthrough Perovskite Solar Cell with Controlled Interfaces—

2022.04.11 Update Press Release

Development of an Innovative Hydrogen Liquefaction Technology

—Potentially Bringing Practical, Cost-Effective Magnetic Refrigeration Systems into Reality—

Research Organization

Rechargeable Battery Materials Group
All Solid-State Battery Group
Photovoltaic Materials Group
Interfacial Energy Conversion Group
Interface Computational Science Group
Battery Materials Analysis Group
Thermoelectric Materials Group
Electrochemical Energy Device Team
Cryogenic Center for Liquid Hydrogen and Materials Science Magnetic Refrigeration System Group
High Magnetic Field Measurement Group
Magnetocaloric Materials Group
Hydrogen Materials Engineering Group
Center for Advanced Battery Collaboration Advanced LIB Team
Lithium Air Team
All Solid State Team
Elements Strategy Team
Protocol Development Team
Database Team
Automated Robotic Experiments Team
Computational Science Team
Advanced Characterization Team
Battery Research Platform

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