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Aiming for the development of hydrogen liquefaction technology that is more efficient than conventional liquefaction technology

Japan has two serious issues, the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions, which is a global issue, and the reduction of nuclear power plants that are triggered by the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant accident. Therefore, creating a cheaper and safer new backbone energy system is an extremely important theme for Japan.Hydrogen is attracting attention as one of the potential new energy carriers. In particular, new roles and possibilities are expected in P2G (Power to Gas, storing surplus power of renewable energy), mobility (bus, truck, railway, ship, aircraft, rocket etc.), thermal power generation and blast furnace reductant etc.
Among the various technologies that support the realization of a society that consumes large amounts of hydrogen, the purpose of this center is to study the basic technologies of materials and efficient refrigeration methods required to supply liquid hydrogen cheaper and safer than before. Specifically, we are conducting basic research on materials and systems with the aim of developing hydrogen liquefaction technology with magnetic refrigeration that is more efficient than conventional gas refrigeration liquefaction technology. Furthermore, as a future plan, we are constructing a research base aiming to establish technology related to reliability evaluation and improvement of materials required to transport and store liquid hydrogen safely.

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