A center for advancing basic fundamental research on materials with a synergy of data-driven materials design and advanced measurement

2023.10.02 Update
Center for Basic Research on Materials (CBRM) is newly formed by researchers of Research Center for Advanced Measurement and Characterization (RCAMC) and Research and Services Division of Materials Data and Integrated System (MaDIS). We conduct basic research that is common and fundamental to various materials. Our goal is to strengthen materials innovation. Advanced materials characterization and data-driven materials design are our expertise.

Managing Director Koji KIMOTO


2024.01.16 Update イベント・セミナー

The 3rd CBRM Seminar

Schedules 2024.01.22 Finished
Magneto-chiral selectivity in adsorption and electron transport of single helicene molecules on metal surfaces

2023.12.13 Update #Press Release

Structural Isomerization of Individual Molecules Using a Scanning Tunneling Microscope Probe

—Technique May Be Applicable to Magnetic Molecules and Quantum Materials Syntheses—

2023.07.20 Update #Press Release

Development of NIMS-OS: General-Purpose Software Enabling Autonomous, Automated Experiments

—Application Coordinates Materials-Search AI and Automated Experiments—

about field

Advanced Materials Characterization Field

In the Advanced Materials Characterization Field, we will contribute to Material Innovation Strategy by promoting advanced measurement research that can analyze the wide range of structures that are responsible for the physical properties and functions of materials. By developing state-of-the-art material measurement and analysis technologies in collaboration with Material design field, we will build a base for advanced material analysis.

Deputy Managing Director Kazutaka MITSUISHI

Data-driven Materials Research Field

This field sets out to offer a paradigm for the materials R&D which leads the significant acceleration of R&D with integrating data science, computational science, theory and experiment. To this end, we will engage in active discussions with researchers inside and outside NIMS and develop data-driven methods from the perspectives of common materials issues, with applications ranging from data collection (and/or creation) to data utilisation. We will also develop high-throughput data collection techniques to support data-driven research and build a materials knowledge base to organically link various databases.

Deputy Managing Director Keitaro SODEYAMA

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