2023.04.01 Update

This center will integrate advanced analysis and observation, computational science, data platforms, and smart laboratories to develop technologies for hierarchical understanding of multi-scale physicochemical phenomena in various next-generation batteries, including advanced lithium-ion batteries, at the material, electrode, and cell level.

With this technology, we will predict the performance, lifetime, and safety of next-generation batteries precisely, and design battery structures to maximize the performance of newly develoeped materials in industry and academia.

This technology will enable us to accelerate the development of rechargeable batteries that meet the various applications demanded by society.

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Suppressed Mg deactivation by artificial Zn coating
2023.05.16 Update Press Release
2023.04.19 Update #Press Release

Extending the Life of a Lithium Metal Anode Using a Protective Layer Made of an Extremely Tough Gel Electrolyte

—Anode Protection May Significantly Increase Lithium Secondary Battery Energy Density—


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