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From analytical to developmental research

Materials informatics has been a kind of buzzword over the last few years, but Japan is not just blindly following the trend. We have actually been ahead of other countries in this field. Because materials data are essential for materials informatics, NIMS quickly began to collect and improve our materials database, which is called MatNavi. The data are now provided widely in Japan and abroad and have been cited in many articles. In July 2015 we were entrusted with a JST project called the “Materials research by Information Integration” Initiative (MI2I), and through this project we act as an innovation hub for materials informatics research in Japan. We cooperate with other, similar, projects that are now under way, and we collaborate with industry, academia, and government to achieve our objectives.

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The presence and use of data are essential for the promotion of data-driven science. Industry stores data on manufacturing and materials development and uses them on a daily basis to develop products. At this innovation hub, we not only perform essential research on materials informatics backed by mathematical science without being caught up in immediate challenges; we also actively introduce data-driven science into the fields of process design and control and measurement technology. We intend to create a smart system of materials research and development that will act as a foundation for Japan's science and technology.

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