A national research hub to pursue fundamental researches on structural materials for national resilience and industrial competitiveness

2022.02.24 Update
On October 1st, 2014, Research Center for Structural Materials (RCSM) was inaugurated as a national research hub to pursue fundamental structural materials research with the aim of strengthening national resilience and industrial competitiveness through collaborations among industries, universities and government sectors.

Within the RCSM, Tsukuba Open Plaza for Advanced Structural Materials (TOPAS) was established as a platform to form the most effective research teams to pursue collaborative researches, standardization, information exchange and human resource development in the field of advanced structural materials.


3D fatigue crack image
2022.10.28 Update Press Release

Fatigue Cracking Mechanism in Metals Revealed through High-Resolution Three-Dimensional Imaging of Large-Volume Samples

—Technique May Help Enhance the Reliability of Aircraft Engine Components—

2022.06.22 Update Press Release

3D Printing Nickel Single Crystals Using Laser Additive Manufacturing Technology

—Widely-Used Technology May Accelerate Development of Heat-Resistant Jet Engine Components—

2021.06.03 Update Press Release

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