Vol.11 No.04 <May>

A Single Particle of Light, in this Hand.
The Innovative Photonic Materials Project.

2013.06.01 Published


A Single Particle of Light, in this Hand

The Innovative Photonic Materials Project

-Manipulating the Quantum World by Creating Sophisticated Nanostructures
 Yoshiki Sakuma (Group Leader, Quantum Nanostructures Group, Photonic Materials Unit), 
 Takaaki Mano (Quantum Nanostructure Group, Photonic Materials Unit),
 Takashi Kuroda (Nanophotonic Group, Photonic Materials Unit),
 Akihiro Ohtake (Quantum Nanostructure Group, Photonic Materials Unit)

-Creation and Application of Soft Photonic Materials 
 Tsutomu Sawada (Group Leader, Applied Photonic Materials Group, Photonic Materials Unit),
 Hiroshi Fudouzi (Applied Photonic Materials Group, Photonic Materials Unit),
 Seiichi Furumi  (Applied Photonic Materials Group, Photonic Materials Unit)

-Creation and Application of Nanostructures for Radiation Field Control
 Masanobu Iwanaga (Plasmonics Group, Photonic Materials Unit),
 Tadaaki Nagao (Group Leader, Nano-System Photonics Group, Nano-System Organization Unit, MANA), 
 Hideki Miyazaki (Group Leader, Plasmonics Group, Photonic Materials Unit), 
 Yoshimasa Sugimoto (Nanophotonics Group, Photonic Materials Unit)

-Research on Coherence-Controlled Light Source by Nano Polarity Control Coherence-Designed Low Noise Light Source
 Sunao Kurimura (Optical Crystal Group, Optical and Electronic Materials Unit)

-Research on Innovative Waveguide Structures
  Hiroyuki Takeda, Tetsuyuki Ochiai, Ken Takazawa (Nanophotonics Group, Photonic Materials Unit), 
   Kazuaki Sakoda (Unit Director, Photonic Materials Unit),

Research Highlights

Millimeter-level Visual Detection of Location of Cesium
Taizo Mori (Supermotecules Group, Supermolecules Unit, MANA)
Katsuhiko Ariga (Principal Investigator, Unit Director, Supermolecule Unit)


  • NIMS Open House FY2013-"Mysteries of Materials
  • Announcement of Winner of the NIMS Award 2013 and holding of Award Ceremony and Award-Winning Lecture at the NIMS Conference 2013.
  • Hello from NIMS

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