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Vol.10 No.06 <July-August>

2012.08.31 Published


NIMS guide for KIDS

NIMS guide for KIDS

  •  Generating electricity 
     Electricity from sunlight / Electricity directly from heat / Electricity from fuels
  •  Storing electricity
     Rechargeable batteries
  •  Using electricity more efficiently
     Superconductivity / Magnets and electricity 


-Everyday life and the environment

  •  A safe and secure life
      Power that produces clean water / Filters to produce clean water / High performance photocatalysts / Biomaterials
  •  Protecting the environment
     Thinking about how materials are used -"Strategic Materials" / Removing harmful substances

  •  New types of computers
      Quantum computers / Brain-type computers
  •  Miniature computers
      Atomic switches / Semiconductors / Power semiconductors

-Building Big Objects
  •  Strong against earthquake
      Creating buildings that are strong against the shaking of earthquake / Materials that resist destruction / Repairing large objects
  •  How structures fail
     Materials reliability and evaluation / What is creep?
  •  Making the most of the properties of materials
     Hybrid materials


•NIMS Signed a Comprehensive Collaborative Agreement with Loughborough University, UK
•Visitors to NIMS
•The impact of STAM keeps growing
•Hello  from NIMS

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