Vol.10 No.05 <June>

2012.06.30 Published


The Great East Japan Earthquake Disaster: A Materials Research Response

A New NIMS Project and Radiation Protection

-A New NIMS Project: "Structural Materials for Improved Infrastructure"
  Project Leader; Dr. Kaneaki Tsuzaki
-Decontamination: Database for Promising Natural Minerals and Adsorbents for Decontamination of Radioactive Substances
 From Press releases of December 7,2011, by Hirohisa Yamada
  (Group Leader, Functional Geomaterials Group, Environmental Remediation Materials Unit)
-Adsorption: Improvement of Cesium Adsorption Performance of Prussian Blue
  From Press releases of December 19, 2011, by Yusuke Yamauchi
  (MANA Independent Scientist)
-Absorption: Development of Cesium-immobilization Material
  From Press releases of May 18, 2011, by Hideki Abe
(Principal Researcher, Environmental Remediation Materials Unit)

-Decontamination: Development of Nano-Captor Design for Removal of Iodine and Strontium in Polluted Water
  From Press releases of July 27, 2011, by Sherif A. El-Safty
  (Principal Researcher, Research Center for Strategic Materials)
-Shielding: Defense against Radiation using Recycling of Old Televisions
  From Press releases of July 25, 2011 and March 12, 2012, by Kohmei Halada
  (Senior Scientist with Special Mission, Research Center for Strategic Materials)

Research Highlights

Elucidation of Heat Generation Properties of Magnetic Nanoparticles Impetus toward Practical Application in Selective Hyperthermic Treatment of Cancers
Hiroaki Mamiya (Neutron Scattering Group, Quantum Beam Unit, Advanced Key Technologies Division)


•Report of NIMS Conference 2012
•NIMS Signed a Comprehensive Collaborative Agreement with CNRS, France
•Hello from NIMS

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