Vol.10 No.03 <Apr>

2012.04.30 Published


NANO-GREEN by Nanoarchitectonics

A Nanoarchitectonics Approach to Clean Energy

-To Archieve Highly Efficient Energy / Materials Conversion
  Kohei Uosaki
  (Coordinator, MANA Nano-green Field; Unit Director, Nano Interface Unit)
-Toward Realizaion of Artificial Photosynthesis
  Jinhua Ye
  (Unit Director, Nano Photocatalyst Unit, MANA Nano-green Field)
-Extracting Functions from Ions Moving in Solids
  Kazunori Takada
  (Unit Director, Soft Ionics Unit, MANA Nano-green Field)
  Tsuyoshi Ohnishi
  (Soft Ionics Group, Soft Ionics Unit, MANA Nano-green Field)
-Creating New Solar Cells Using Silicon Nanostructures
  Naoki Fukata
  (Group Leader, Nanostructured Semiconducting Materials Group, Inorganic Nanostructures Unit, MANA Nano-materials Field)

-High Temperature Thermoelectric Materials
  Takao Mori
  (Atomic Network Materials Group, Inorganic Nanostructures Unit, MANA Nano-materials Field)
-Computational Science Approach to Energy Conversion at Interfaces
  Yoshitaka Tateyama
  (Group Leader, Nano-system Computational Science Group, Nano Interface Unit,  MANA Nano-green Field)


Kohei Uosaki, MANA Coordinator, Nano-green Field

Nanoarchitectonics Approach to Environmental and Energy Problems

Research Highlights

Demonstration of Superconductivity of Monoatomic Metal Layers on a Silicon Surface
Takashi Uchihashi
(Nano Functionality Integration Group, Nano Functionality Integration Unit, MANA Nano-system Field)
Puneet Mishra
(Nano Functionality Integration Group, Nano Functionality Integration Unit, MANA Nano-system Field)
Tomonobu Nakayama
(Unit Director, Nano Functionality Integration Unit, MANA Nano-system Field)
Masakazu Aono
(Director-General, MANA Coordinator, MANA Nano-system Field)


•Results of the MANA International Symposium 2012
•MOU concluded with DECHEMA Forschungsinstitut, Germany
•NIMS Signed a Comprehensive Collaborative Agreement with Industrial Technology Research Institute
•Hello from NIMS

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