Vol.9 No.10 <December>

2012.01.12 Published


NIMS Superconductivity Research Up to Now & From Now on

-Advanced Superconducting Materials Project  - From the History of Superconductivity Research at NIMS to a New Project -
  Shinya Uji
  (Unit Director, Superconducting Properties Unit, Environment and Energy Materials Division)
-Toward the Development of New superconducting Materials (Materials development and basic physical properties) 
  Motoharu Imai
  (Group Leader, Materials Development Group, Superconducting Properties Unit, Environment and Energy Materials Division)
-Aiming at Elucidation of Mechanisms of Superconductivity (Electronic structures and mechanisms of superconductivity)
  Taichi Terashima
  (Quantum Properties Group, Superconducting Properties Unit)
  Nobuyuki Kurita  
  (NIMS Postdoctoral Researcher)
-New Quantum Functions by Vortex Control (Superconducting vortex dynamics and device fundamentals)
  Kazuto Hirata
  (Vortex Dynamics Group, Superconducting Properties Unit, Environment and Energy Materials Division)
-Development of Next-Generation Superconducting Materials - Road to Energy Saving Power Transmission-  (Production processes of superconducting wires and application fundamentals)
  Hitoshi Kitaguchi
  (Unit Director, Superconducting Wire Unit, Environment and Energy Materials Division)

Research Highlights

High-k Dielectric Nanosheets: Tailor-Made Dielectrics via Controlled Nanoscale Doping
Minoru Osada
(Soft Chemistry Group, Soft Chemistry Unit, Nano-Materials Field, MANA)
Takayoshi Sasaki
(NIMS Fellow, Unit Director, Soft Chemistry Unit, Nano-Materials Field, MANA) 

11th NIMS Forum

Material Innovation for Tomorrow


•General Director of Mechanical and Systems Research Laboratories(MSL), Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) of Taiwan visit NIMS
•Official Delegation from Ukraine visit NIMS
•MEXT Minister Nakagawa visit NIMS
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