Vol.8 No.5 <June>

Increasing the Reliability of Material

2010.06.30 Published


Increasing the Reliability of Material

Activities of the Materials Reliability Center
Toshio Ogata
Managing Director,
Materials Reliability Center
Reliability Assessments in Extremely Severe Environments -
Contributing th the Japanese Space Rocket H-ⅡA
Toshio Ogata, Yoshinori Ono,
Special Environment Group,
Materials Reliability Center
Aiming at the Construction of an Asian Atmospheric Corrosion Network
Tadashi Shinohara, Akira Tahara
Corrosion Group,
Materials Reliability Center
Failure Analysis by Fractography
Etsuo Takeuchi, Yoshiyuki Furuya,
Fatigue Group,
Materials Reliability Center

Research Highlights

Atom Probe Tomography of Insulating Ceramics Using Ultraviolet Pulsed Laser
T. Ohkubo,
Group Leader, Nanostructure Analysis Group,
Magnetic Materials Center

Y. M. Chen, M. Kodzuka,
Doctoral Program in Materials Science and Engineering,
Graduate School of Pure and Applied Sciences,
University of Tsukuba

NIMS Fellow and Managing Director,
Magnetic Materials Center
Eco-friendly Semiconductor: Potential as a Light-Emitter -
A Controlled Interface of "Monolayer-Semiconductor" Nanostructure Leads to the Unique Luminescence Property -
Naoto Shirahata,
Principal Researcher, Fine Particle Processing Group,
Nano Ceramics Center

Yoshio Sakka,
Managing Director, Nano Ceramics Center and Group Leader,Fine Particle Processing Group
Development of Confocal Scanning Transmission Electron
Microscopy - From 2-Dimensional Images to 3-Dimensional Images
Masaki Takeguchi,
Advanced Electron Microscopy Group,
Advanced Nano Characterization Center

Ayako Hashimoto,
Advanced Electron Microscopy Group,
Advanced Nano Characterization Center

Kazutaka Mitsuishi,
Nano Growth Group, Quantum Dot Research Center

Face Interview

The Increasing Importance of Materials Science
Dr. Junichi Sone,
Vice President, NIMS
Making NIMS a Global Hub of Materials Research
Dr. Eiji Muromachi,
Vice President, NIMS


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