Vol.4 No.5 <May>

Special Features: Research Frontier

2006.05.10 Published


Special Features: Research Frontier

Development of Green Phosphors for White LEDs
- Realizing the General Illumination with Good Color Rendition -
Regeneration Technique of Organs for Transplantation using in vitro 3-Dimensional Cell Culture Device
Photonic Rubber Sheet: Tunable Optical Properties when Elongated
Elastomer Material Composed of Colloid Particles Displays Reversible Color Change -
Success in Self-Assembly of Concentric Quantum Double-Ring
World's First Discovery of Water-Free Soap Film - "Dried Foam Film"
- Opening the Way to Ultra-Thin Self-Supporting Film Fabrication -
Discovery of Giant Light Transmission Effect at Hydrogenated Diamond Surface
- Expected to Lead to the Development of Ultra-High Sensitivity UV Sensors -


  • NIMS Open House
  • NIMS Signs MOU with India's Vellore Institute of Technology
  • ICYS Holds Workshop for Young Scientists
  • 4th NIMS International Conference
  • President Kishi Receives the 47th Honda Memorial Award
  • NIMS Research Papers Exceed 1,200 for the 2nd Consecutive Year
  • Appointment of New Vice President
  • Appointment of New Fellow
  • Budgett for FY2006

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Our Trip to Kansai
Jan Labuta (Charles University, Czech Republic)

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