Vol.2 No.9 <July>


2004.07.10 Published



Elucidation of Cryogenic Temperature Ground State at Si (100) Surface
-Providing Indispensable Intellectual Infrastructure for Silicon IT -
First Observation of the Birth of Quasiparticles in Silicon Crystal
-New Knowledge of Quantum Interference Dynamics of Electron Waves/Lattice Waves-
Athermal Recovery of Silicon Surface from Plasma Damage
-Discovery of Novel Recrystalization Phenomena with Low-Energy Electron (<70 eV)-
Development of Inexpensive, Non-Allergic Dental Devices
Modular Materials
-Introduction of Functional Modules Group-


  • Start of Cooperation with Yokohama National University under Cooperating Graduate School System

Hello from NIMS

Jimmy Stokes (Univ of Minnesota in Minneapolis, U.S.A.)
Visiting Researcher (Jun. 2004-Jul. 2004)
Macromolecular Function Oxides Group
Advanced Materials Laboratory (AML)
Life, so far, in Japan!
Richard Buchanan (Scotland, UK)
JSPS Fellow (Jan. 2004-Sep. 2004)
Eco-Energy Materials Group
Ecomaterials Center (EMC)

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