Vol.2 No.7 <May>


2004.05.10 Published



Modified TiO2 coatings as non-sacrificial anodes for cathodic protection applications
Giant Field-Induced Strain Effect Based on Novel Principle
-Contributing to the Creation of Environment-Friendly Pb-free High-Performance Piezoelectric/Electrostrictive Materials-
World's First Wavelength Conversion Device in Crystal Quartz
-Fabrication of Periodic Twin Structure by Precise Twin Control-
Fabrication of Carbon Nanotube Probe by Dielectrophoresis
Commercialization of New Artificial Bone Regeneration Material
-Marketed with Approval of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare-


  • France Honors NIMS President Kishi
  • Steel Research Center Signs MOU with Max Planck Institute (MPIE)
  • NIMS Exchanges Memorandum with Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics
  • 11th International Symposium on Advanced Materials (ISAM 2004)
  • The 3rd International Conference on Smart Materials and Systems
  • NIMS Concludes General Agreement with ETHZ, Switzerland
  • Conclusion of General Agreement with CNRS, France
  • A Symposium for the Interdisciplinary Academic and Technical Information Exchanges 2nd Nanotechnology Symposium - JAPAN NANO 2004
  • 2nd BMC-NIMS Symposium
  • 2nd Japan-China Workshop on Automobile Materials for Environment and Safety (AMES 2004)
  • Prof. Kroto visited ICYS
  • 2nd NIMS International Conference - Photocatalysis: Fundamentals and Applications

Introduction of New Fellows

  • Dr. Masakazu Aono
  • Dr. Tetsuya Tateishi
  • Dr. Hiromoto Nakazawa


Semiconductor Circuit using Switch with Controlled Metallic Atom Migration Realizes Circuit Recombination
Development of Wavelength Conversion Device for High Power Operation in Wide Near -Mid IR Wavelength Region
Development of Simple Disassembly Technique for Micro-level Interconnects
Development of Novel Synthesis Process for Boron Nitride Thin Film

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