Vol.2 No.3 <February>

Special Features

2004.02.20 Published


Special Features:

Novel Laser Fabrication Techniques
-Laser Molecular Implantation and Polymerization Techniques for Organic Materials-
A Mild Immobilization Technique for Proteins
Molecular Device for Optically Controlled Single-Electron Tunneling
Research on Novel Phase-transition Phenomena in Organic Materials
-Insulator-Superconductor Transition in Magnetic Field-
New Phthalocyanine-type Near-infrared Absorbing Dyes
Nerve Regeneration Material using Biodegradable Polymer
-Development of Chitosan Tube Derived from Crab Tendon-
Biomedical application of Polymer Gel as Tissue Adhesive
-Crosslinking of Biomacromolecules with Citric Acid Derivative-


  • Visit by the European Research Commission of the European Union
  • Visit by Director Hong and other Members of Korea's RIST
  • Visit by South Africa's Department of Science and Technology and Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR)
  • 3-Day Forum for Exchange of Ideas with Directors

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