Vol.2 No.1 <January>

Special Features

2004.01.10 Published


Special Features

Challenges to novel science and technology to establish a new world of nanoelectronics
Fabrication of conductive polymer nanowire
-Nano-level control of chain polymerization reaction-
Fabrication and application of conductive metal oxide nanorods
Direct measurement of electric resistance of conductive nanowire
-New characterization technique using dual-probe scanning tunneling microscope-
Development of atomic switch Tsuyoshi
-Conceptually new device based on atomic mechanics -


Evaluation of TMF properties of Ni-base single crystal superalloy
Novel photonic material for arbitrarily shaped two-dimensional waveguides


Election of Nanomaterials Laboratory's Director-General Masakazu Aono as a Fellow of the American Vacuum Society
Start of Joint Research with KIST for the 21st Century Frontier R&D Program, "Development of Nanostructure Material Technologies" by the Korean Ministry of Science and Technology
Success in Fabrication of new Dendritic Nanostructure by Electron Beam Irradiation


  • Second Swiss-Japanese Workshop on Biomaterials
  • Publication of Datasheets

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