The Procedure for Entering to NIMS Campas (Sengen-site, Namiki-site, Sakura-site)

2019.06.01 Update
The procedure is required to all the visitors who visit NIMS.
We accept the procedure in each campus.

1. Pre-Procedure

  1. The pre-registration of procedure for entering is necessary by the NIMS staff you visit.
    Please contact with the NIMS staff you visit and require the procedure for entering.
  2. Please print out the Visitor Registration Form 1 you filled in and bring it to the Guard Office when you visit.
    (You can download the Form 1 from the following)
    The Guard Office have the Form 1 as well.

2. Procedure on the day to visit NIMS

  1. Please submit the Registration Form 1 to the Guard Office.
  2. Please show your ID card (e.g. Employee ID card, driver’s license, passport, etc.) at the Guard Office.
  3. You will receive a Visitor Card. (and a Parking Permit to those who come by vehicle)

3. Procedure for Leaving

Please return your visitor card (and the Parking Permit) to the Guard Office when you leave NIMS.
You can also put it in the returning box. The box is at the entrance of central building.