Real-time observation and dynamic analysis of chemical bonding states of oxygen on GaN surfaces

We studied the dynamics of oxidation on GaN surfaces by both real-time XPS (BL23SU @SP8) under oxidation gas ambient and DF-MD calculation. Intense oxidation was observed on the m-plane (10-10) which is the channel of GaN MOS power device, and at the interface between Al2O3 and p-GaN (0001). Data set of O1s spectra will be contributed to developing the method to form better MOS interface. This work was done by the collaboration with RIKEN (Sumita), JAEA (Yoshigoe) and NIMS (Sumiya).

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Title High reactivity of H2O vapor on GaN surfaces
Journal Science and Technology of Advanced Materials
Date April 8, 2022
DOI 10.1080/14686996.2022.2052180