NIMS Signs a Comprehensive Collaborative Agreement with Temple Materials Institute in US

(2014.02.03 Update)

(January 27th, 2014) President Prof. Sukekatsu Ushioda signed a Comprehensive Collaborative Agreement (CCA: a sister institute agreement) with Temple Materials Institute of Temple University in US together with its Director, Prof. Michael L. Klein.

Temple University (TU) is one of the state universities in Pennsylvania, established in 1884, and quite familiar to the Japanese due to its Tokyo Campus. Temple Materials Institute (TMI) was established in 2009 with the founding director Prof. Klein, recruited from University of Pennsylvania. Since then, TMI has vigorously recruited more than 40 prominent professors, strongly promoting the materials research at TU, and now it is one of the world-renowned research institutes dedicated to materials science. In particular, TMI scientists have shown tremendous achievements in theoretical and computational materials sciences.

Together with the International Cooperative Graduate School Agreement now being negotiated, this CCA will certainly enhance the collaboration between two institutions.

"President Ushioda and Director Klein after the signing ceremony" Image

President Ushioda and Director Klein after the signing ceremony