General Director of Mechanical and Systems Research Laboratories (MSL), Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) of Taiwan visit NIMS

(2011.11.10 Update)

(November 9, 2011) General Director Dr. Tung-Chuan Wu, Deputy General Director Dr. Lai-Sheng Chen and three other members of MSL-ITRI visited NIMS.

"President Ushioda(left) and Dr. Wu (right)" Image

President Ushioda(left) and Dr. Wu (right)

ITRI is one of the largest public research institutions in Taiwan having over 6,000 researchers, similar to AIST in Japan and Mechanical, and Systems Research Laboratories is one of the six core laboratories and in charge of a research and development of machinery technology.
The MSL-ITRI delegates received introduction of NIMS and had a meeting with Executive Vice President and the director in charge of external collaboration.  Then, the delegates paid a courtesy visit to NIMS President, Prof. Sukekatsu Ushioda, and they explained about their laboratories and discussed how to promote the future collaboration between the two institutes.
After these meetings, they visited laboratories at Sengen site and Namiki site and listen to the explanation on the latest research results eagerly.