General Director of Material and Chemical Research Laboratories (MCRL), Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) of Taiwan visit NIMS

(2011.09.08 Update)

(September 6, 2011) General Director Dr. Tsung-Tsan Su and Deputy General Director Dr. Jia-Ming Liu of MCRL-ITRI visited NIMS.

"Discussion with President Ushioda(Dr. Su (left), Dr. Liu (center))" Image

Discussion with President Ushioda
(Dr. Su (left), Dr. Liu (center))

"At Biomaterials Lab." Image

At Biomaterials Lab.

ITRI is one of the largest public research institutions in Taiwan having over 6,000 researchers, similar to AIST in Japan and Material and Chemical Research Laboratories is one of the six core laboratories and in charge of a research and development of materials.
Dr. Su and Dr. Liu received introduction of NIMS and afterward they had meeting with President Ushioda and some NIMS directors. They asked many questions about NIMS’s management policy and collaborations with private companies and industries. Future research cooperation between NIMS and ITRI were also discussed.
After these meetings, they visited laboratories at Sengen site and Namiki site and had a lively discussion with NIMS scientists on the specific research subjects.