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The MANA International Symposium 2010

(2010.04.01 Update)

(Mar. 3-5, 2010) The "MANA International Symposium 2010" was held jointly with the ICYS at the Epochal Tsukuba International Congress Center.

"Group Photo taken at the entrance of the EPOCHAL TSUKUBA on March 3, 2010" Image

Group Photo taken at the entrance of the EPOCHAL TSUKUBA on March 3, 2010

The purpose of the Symposium is to bring together researchers from Japan and other countries and promote research/disseminate information related to the MANA project.

Prof. Toshio Kuroki, the Program Director of WPI (World Premier International Research Center Initiative) and Deputy Director of Research Center for Science Systems at JSPS ( Japan Society for the Promotion of Science), and Prof. Gunzi Saito, the Program Officer of WPI and Professor at Meijo University, addressed the opening greetings. A special lecture was presented by Prof. Heinrich Rohrer, Novel Laureate in Physics 1986, and the keynote lecture was given by Prof. C.N.R. Rao, President of Jawaharal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research in India.

Over the three days, 10 invited lectures were given by the distinguished scientists in the field of nanotechnology and 28 presentations by Satellite Principal Investigators, Independent Scientists, and Scientists at MANA, and ICYS researchers. The presentation by MANA was focused on the four research fields, Nano-Materials, Nano-System, Nano-Bio, and Nano-Green, as well as research at ICYS.

More than 350 participants have joined the Symposium, exceeding the number of the “MANA International Symposium 2009”.


Opening Address by NIMS President Prof. Ushioda

Greetings by WPI Program Director Prof. Kuroki

Greetings by WPI Program Officer Prof. Saito

Special Lecture by Prof. Rohrer

Keynote Lecture by Prof. C.N.R. Rao

Audience of the MANA Symposium 2010