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Test Drive Event at NIMS with Toyota Fuel Cell Automobile

(October 13, 2009) An exchange of views on fuel cell automobiles with Toyota Motor Corporation and a test drive event with a Toyota fuel cell automobile were held recently at NIMS.

"Toyota's FCHV-adv" Image

Toyota's FCHV-adv

In the exchange of views, the Toyota side described the current status of the development of fuel cell automobiles, the necessity of creating a fuel infrastructure and legal system, and the importance of continuously promoting basic research on materials for fuel cells and development of structural materials with excellent resistance to hydrogen embrittlement. Toyota also confirmed that they will provide information on basic research needs to NIMS.

The vehicle used in the test drive event was a Toyota FCHV-adv equipped with a 90kw output solid polymer fuel cell. As fuel, the automobile uses hydrogen from a 156 liter capacity tank with a maximum filling pressure of 700atm. Performance includes a top speed of 155km/h and a range of approximately 830km in the 10・15 mode. NIMS researchers who test drove the automobile made various enthusiastic comments, noting that it “was completely noise-free,” “was more powerful and had better acceleration than expected,” and “its handleability has no difference from an ordinary automobile.”

NIMS is actively engaged in research on environmental and energy-related materials which provide higher performance and have the potential for mass acceptance, and thus can make an important contribution to a low carbon society.