KIER and NIMS Held First International Joint Workshop

(2008.04.01 Update)

(March 13-15, 2008) An international joint workshop, "the 1st Korea-Japan Fundamental Materials Workshop" was held at the Korea Institute of Energy Research (KIER) by the NIMS Nano Ceramics Center and KIER's Future Fundamental Technology Research Division.

"Photo1: Presenters participating in the workshop" Image

Photo1: Presenters participating in the workshop

The joint workshop was planned in order to strengthen substantial research exchanges with KIER, with which NIMS concluded an MOU in the field of ceramics in December of last year.

Seven researchers from NIMS visited Korea for this event, including Dr. Yoshio Sakka, the Managing Director of the Nano Ceramics Center.

The first day featured a tour of KIER's facilities and banquet hosted by KIER. On the second day, a total of 14 presentations were given by the Korean and Japanese sides, with approximately 80 researchers participating. In addition to active debate on advanced ceramics research at the respective institutes, close research cooperation in the future was also discussed. After the seminar, the participants also toured ceramics-related laboratories.

In the morning before their return to Japan, the Japanese researchers visited cultural sites in Daejon City, guided by researchers from KIER, thereby deepening their friendship with researchers at the collaborating institute on the Korean side while also exploring Japanese-Korean history. In particular, scenes of this visit to Korea by NIMS and the workshop were broadcast by the Daejon TV station, providing a good opportunity to increase knowledge of NIMS. In the future, Japan-Korea workshops will be held periodically. The next such event is scheduled for next year in Japan.