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Announcement of a New NIMS Fellow

(October 1, NIMS) NIMS named Dr. Osamu Mishima, a Senior Researcher in the Special Subjects Group, Advanced Nano Materials Laboratory as a NIMS Fellow.

NIMS named Dr. Osamu Mishima(*Open in new window), a Senior Researcher in the Special Subjects Group, Advanced Nano Materials Laboratory as a NIMS Fellow, citing his “remarkable achievements in the field of materials, and expectations that he will make a major contribution to NIMS research activities in the future.” NIMS Fellow Mishima received the 52nd Nishina Memorial Prize(*Open in new window) in December 2006 for “Phase transition of the water/amorphous ice – Experimental studies of polyamorphism.” His appointment is expected to contribute to a higher level of research activity in NIMS.

Dr. Mishima’s Comments on His Appointment

"Dr. Mishima, New NIMS Fellow" Image

Dr. Mishima,
New NIMS Fellow

Research on water and ice is extremely interesting. Understanding these substances has been my life’s work since I was student. I am very grateful that I have been able to continue this work at NIMS. It has gradually become clear that two different liquid phases exist in water, and the importance of this fact is now recognized. I have experienced the discussion and debate about water and ice over the past 20 years, and have been involved in the process of clarifying the existence of these two phases. In this, I’ve had the good fortune to taste the real pleasure of science. However, our understanding of water and ice is only provisional and is still evolving. As a NIMS Fellow, I hope to further advance this research.

Dr. Osamu Mishima(*Open in new window)
Doctor of Engineering (1979). Finished his doctoral program at the Faculty of Engineering Science, Osaka University. Served as Assistant at the Osaka University Faculty of Engineering Science’s Ultra-High-Pressure Experimental Laboratory and as a researcher in the Division of Chemistry, National Research Council of Canada before joining the High-Pressure Station, National Institute for Research in Inorganic Materials (a predecessor of NIMS), under Japan’s Science and Technology Agency in 1985. Became an Independent Senior Researcher in the NIMS Advanced Materials Laboratory in 2001 and Senior Researcher in the Advanced Nano Materials Laboratory’s Special Subjects Group in 2006. Appointed NIMS Fellow in October 2007.