NIMS Signs General Agreements with Two Institutes in Chinese Academy of Sciences


NIMS has concluded General Agreements on Comprehensive Research Cooperation with China’s Institute of Physics (IOP) and Institute of Metal Research (IMR), both members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS).

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During a recent visit to China, Prof. Kishi, President of NIMS, signed the agreements with Prof. Wang, Director of IOP, in Beijing on May 26 and with Prof. Lu, Director of IMR, in Shenyang on May 27.
The Chinese Academy of Sciences is an extremely large research group consisting of 108 laboratories and has 39,000 researchers engaged in research. Among its member organizations, IOP and IMR have achieved exciting results in the field of materials science, and high expectations are placed on both for the future. Thus, the two institutes are particularly well-suited partners for NIMS as it promotes comprehensive cooperation with the world’s top class research institutes.
NIMS already has broad-ranging exchanges with its Chinese counterparts at the researcher level. Under the new agreements, NIMS opens a position for each institute in the ICYS (International Center for Young Scientists) Fellowship Program in order to promote further research/personnel exchanges, and IOP and IMR dispatch young scientists in the professor/assistant professor class. Two researchers from IOP and IMR have already been engaged in research at NIMS as ICYS Fellows.