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The objective of Platform is to establish a nationwide network providing advanced facilities for nanotechnology commissioned by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, with NIMS playing the leading role.

NIMS Nanotechnology Platform

NIMS Microstructural Characterization Platform
We aims at contributing to solve the problems and development in the fields of nanotechnology and material science through providing advanced characterization facilities and analysis know-hows to outside researchers and industries.
NIMS Nanofabrication Platform
NIMS Nanofabrication Platform is an open facility with advanced nanofabrication processing systems. We can support R&D activities to all researchers, and our clean room has nanofabrication equipment which create nanostructures and devices for various materials.
NIMS Molecule and Material Synthesis Platform
The platform presents a line-up of lab equipment necessary for conducting nanotechnology interdisciplinary research and especially bioscience interdisciplinary research. We provide an environment for using these systems to researchers from universities and companies.
Promotion Office for Advanced Characterization Nanotechnology Platform
Advanced Characterization Nanotechnology Platform covers an advanced characterization and analysis field in the Nanotechnology Platform Program commissioned by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, and is composed of 11 organizations. We are in charge of a leading organization affairs and general information service of the Advanced Characterization Nanotechnology Platform.

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