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Develop talent and potential as specialists with high research competencies, in the research dynamics of NIMS.

The NIMS Joint Graduate School Program is designed for materials science majors pursuing degrees within the latest research activities, under supervision of the front line NIMS researchers. It aims to equip the graduates to have a higher research outlook and become leading scientists in the next generation.

Training Focused Graduate Programs

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This unique program is collectively empowered to train the students who belong to the following universities in collaboration with NIMS. NIMS researchers are closely involved in the program operation as university faculty members. The students may also be collaborating with colleagues on an international scale.

Furthermore, NIMS offers a “NIMS Graduate Research Assistantship” to excellent students in the program. The assistantship carries a monthly stipend to assist academically deserving students in fulfilling their academic goals.

List of the NIMS Joint Graduate School Programs

Doctoral Program in Materials Science and Engineering, University of Tsukuba

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This program is operated jointly by the Graduate School of Pure and Applied Sciences at the University of Tsukuba and NIMS. It is comprised of five fields: Organic- and Bio- Materials, Metals and Ceramics, Nanomaterials, Semiconducting Materials, and Condensed Matter Physics. Selected NIMS researchers have joined the graduate school faculty and supervise the students’ thesis research for Ph.D. degrees. The program also has a Master’s course that prepares students to excel in professional career development.
(established in April 2004)

Functional Materials Chemistry Unit, Hokkaido University

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This program has a particular emphasis on 4 projects - interfacial energy conversion, superconductors, fuel cells and photocatalysts - which show great potential for solving the ongoing global warming and energy crisis.
(established in May 2008, reorganized in April 2010)

Frontier Biomaterials Science, Hokkaido University

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The graduate program, concerning the integration of molecular biology, cell biology, genome science and nanotechnology, aims to design, synthesize and process metals, ceramics and polymers with different micro- and nano-scale surface structures. It also involves investing in the interaction between molecular recognition elements and cells and materials.
(established in September 2008)

Advanced Functional Materials and Physics, Hokkaido University

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The Field of Advanced Functional Material and Physics facilitates the practical research activities of quantum functional matter and condensed matter. It aims to develop the ability to research logically and creatively, the concept of contemporary physics.
(established in May 2009)

Major in Nanoscience and Nanoengineering, Waseda University

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This major focuses on research in the fields of new ceramics, inorganic materials, semiconductors, biomaterials, polymer materials, and metallic crystal. This program provides students a nourishing research environment by Waseda University’s Global Centres of Excellence Program and the International Centre for Materials Nanoarchitectonics (MANA) in NIMS.
(established in December 2008)

Course of Advanced Nanotechnology and Engineering, Kyushu University

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The Kyushu university - NIMS Graduate Program focuses on research in nanomaterials properties, and the measurement and processing thereof. This aims to provide insight into multi-disciplinary approaches, laying the basic foundation. The students will enjoy the opportunity to receive advanced and hands-on instruction while challenging device development.
(established in April 2009)

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