NIMS researchers supervise postgraduate students as university professors

2023.04.01 Update

In this unique graduate program based on agreement with Japanese universities, the selected NIMS researchers are assigned to university professors who supervise those university postgraduate students. The students are able to conduct research using the advanced facilities in an internationally acclaimed research environment, while they study towards getting a degree. With obtaining their degree and professional recognition and skills, many of the program alumni have careers in materials science.

Training Focused Graduate Programs

The Joint Graduate School Program is designed for materials science majors pursuing degrees from the following Japanese universities in collaboration with NIMS. NIMS researchers are closely involved in the graduate education as university faculty members, which aims to equip the graduates to have a higher research outlook through the latest research ongoing at NIMS. The interactive environment has been formed by the students together from in and out of Japan, beyond the differences in materials science majors and the experiences. The students would be able to collaborate with colleagues on an international scale.

Furthermore, NIMS offers a “NIMS Graduate Research Assistantship” to excellent students in the program. Those students appointed as NIMS Junior Researchers will be able to focus on their activities at NIMS, without financial strain.

List of the NIMS Joint Graduate School Programs

The first program started in April 2004, with the Graduate School of Pure and Applied Sciences, University of Tsukuba. Since the then, NIMS Joint Graduate School Programs have been established at 6 Japanese universities.

University of Tsukuba

Doctoral Program in Materials Science and Engineering, Graduate School of Pure and Applied Sciences
The joint graduate school program was established as the first cooperative graduate school system for NIMS. Joining as members of the graduate school at the university, the NIMS researchers supervise the students’ thesis research for Ph.D. degrees. The program also has a Master’s course that prepares students to excel in professional career development. (established in April 2004)

Hokkaido University

- Materials Chemistry and Engineering Course, Graduate School of Chemical Sciences and Engineering
- Division of Life Science / Division of Soft Matter,Graduate School of Life Science
- Department of Condensed Matter Physics, Graduate School of Science

Starting with the establishment of the joint graduate program with Graduate School of Chemical Sciences and Engineering in May 2008, the program conclusions based on the collaborative agreement was extended to the Graduate School of Life Science in September 2008, and the Graduate School of Science in May 2009. The doctoral students can perform their own research using the advanced facilities at NIMS as well as at Hokkaido University.

Waseda University

- Department of Nanoscience and Nanoengineering, Graduate School of Advanced Science and Engineering
- Department of Materials Science, Graduate School of Fundamental Science and Engineering

The program was established as an interdisciplinary major in December 2008. From program entry until obtaining a doctoral degree, NIMS researchers are assigned to a Waseda University professor who jointly supervise the student’s research and study. (established in December 2008)
In December 2008, the program was established in an interdisciplinary major, Department of Nanoscience and Nanoengineering. Another collaboration was developed with the new unvierstity department, Department of Materials Science, in September 2019. From the program entry until the completion by obtaining a doctoral degree, NIMS researchers assigned to the university and Waseda University professor jointly supervise the student's research and study.

Kyushu University

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry / Department of Materials Physics and Chemistry,
Graduate School of Engineering

The Program has been launched as "Course of Advanced Nanomaterials Science and Engineering" in Course of Advanced Nanotechnology and Engineering, Kyushu University. The program focuses on research in nanomaterials properties, and the measurement and processing thereof. One of the requirements for graduation, Research Proposal, aims to enhance planning ability for developing research plans and designing appropriate methods. (established in April 2009)

Osaka University

Department of Information Systems Engineering,
Graduate School of Information Science and Technology

In October 2021, the collaborative program “Materials Informatics Laboratory” was established in Department of Information Systems Engineering in Graduate School of Information Science and Technology at Osaka University.
The program aims to foster researchers and engineers who will create new information science and technology that will contribute to society, through the analysis of new functional materials and the design of advanced information systems which is applied by new functional materials.

Yokohama National University

Department of Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science and Ocean Engineering
/ Department of Chemistry and Life Science,
Graduate School of Engineering Science

In April 2023, the collaborative program Specialization in Energy Materials” will be established in 2 departments in the Graduate School of Engineering Science at Yokohama National University.
The doctoral students will acquire a wide range of expertise for the application, while developing the basic skills in energy materials such as materials science related to electrochemistry, thermal engineering, and material properties.

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