NIMS’s unique system helps active research of talented young scientists from all over the world

2022.01.28 Update

ICYS (International Center for Young Scientists) is launched as a new organization of NIMS in succession to "International Center for Young Scientists" with the support of Special Coordination Funds for promoting Science and Technology, a program administrated by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. The International Center for Young Scientists (ICYS) program provides you with a “Melting Pot” environment mixing different research fields and cultures. Talented young multinational researchers are gathering to conduct independent research. ICYS researchers are expected to pursue various aspects of interdisciplinary materials research in close collaboration with NIMS mentor researchers. This center has two principal pillars. One is elaborate assistance for foreign researchers and the other is to foster young talented multinational researchers.


A series of Er(Ho)Co2-based compounds developed that can be used in combination to effectively cool hydrogen from 77 K to 20 K: its liquefaction temperature.
2022.04.01 Update Press Release

Development of Magnetic Cooling Materials that Enable Efficient Hydrogen Liquefaction

—Materials to Create a Durable Hydrogen Liquefaction System—

2021.06.21 Update Press Release

Digitalization and Visualization of Odors Using an Odor Sensor and Machine Learning

—Technique Is Capable of Selecting “Quasi-Primary Odors” Out of a Dozen Odors—

2020.01.08 Update Press Release

Simple, Flexible Optical Manipulation of Charge Current-Induced Heat Flow

—Novel Thermal Energy Control Mechanism Using Electron Spin, a Source of Magnetism—

About ICYS

Fostering system for independent young researchers

NIMS began ICYS Program with the support of Special Coordination Funds for promoting Science and Technology in 2003. This program provides certain amount of research funding and free research environment to young talented postdoctoral researchers from all over the world for the purpose of establishing a system to train independent young researchers who can foster innovative research ideas.

The role of ICYS

The former ICYS Program was terminated in 2008 after producing various kinds of superior achievements. NIMS established new ICYS(International Research Center for young scientists) in 2009 based on the good success in the previous period aiming to become a wide-open institution on a global basis. ICYS has two principal pillars,  "development" and "support" for young scientists.

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