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Researcher [R19-04]
Multi-scale Computational Materials Science,
1 position available

Permanent : Center for Green Research on Energy and Environmental Materials, Interface Computational Science Group, (The Excellent Young Researcher will be treated as an independent scientist of the Research Center.)

2019.04.12 Permanent Researcher

Field or Position Researcher [R19-04]
Multi-scale Computational Materials Science,
(Permanent )
Number of People 1 position available
Affiliation Center for Green Research on Energy and Environmental Materials, Interface Computational Science Group, (The Excellent Young Researcher will be treated as an independent scientist of the Research Center.) 
Job Summary The qualified candidate will conduct computational research on science and technology of various materials and surfaces/interfaces, related to battery and catalyst. In particular, she/he will explore multi-scale reactions and processes, which can't be treated properly by atomistic first-principles/quantum chemistry calculations only. Via developing multiscale calculation programs (e.g. microkinetics, coarse-grained, continuum models) and/or combining AI (e.g. machine learning) techniques, she/he will address solving the multiscale issues and establishing the fundamental theories.

* Applicants for Excellent Young Researchers are requested to apply for the recruitment (R19-01 to R19-11) as an advance notice to NIMS.
  1. Hold a PhD in a relevant field or expect to be awarded a PhD before the start of employment.
  2. Demonstrable achievements in the computational research of energy and environmental materials such as battery and catalyst.
  3. Demonstrable achievements in, or a willingness to learn, developing and/or improving programs for computational materials science.
  4. Willingness to contribute to the administrative tasks and the research activities in the group.
  5. Able to provide guidance on theoretical materials science in English.
  6. Preferably, experiences in first-principles/quantum chemistry calculations and/or in simulations on large supercomputers.
  7. No person falling under any of the following items shall be eligible for the application:
    (i) An adult ward or a person under guardianship;
    (ii) A person who has been convicted of a crime and sentenced to imprisonment even if the person has completed the sentence or been paroled;
    (iii) A person who was dismissed by disciplinary action and a period of two years has not expired since the day of that disposition;
    (iv) A person who, on or after the date of the enforcement of the Constitution of Japan, formed or belonged to a political party or other organization that advocated the overthrow by force of the Constitution of Japan or the government established thereunder.
Starting Date November 1, 2019 (Fri) [Will discuss date]
Term Retirement age 60.
* Reemployment system after retirement in which the retiree is reemployed until the age of 65 if he/she wishes so is in place.
Work Place Tsukuba and any other offices specified by the rules of employment and other regulations.
Work Hours Standard system: 7 hours 45 minutes. *The flextime system and the discretionary work system are in place.
Holiday Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, year-end and New Year holidays (December 29 to January 3), annual paid leave, summer holidays, maternity leave, special leave for marriages and funerals, and other types of leave as specified in the rules of the institute.
Salary / Supply Salary will be decided based on experience, ability, etc.
An annual salary scheme is applied.
Allowances (dependent allowance, commuting allowance, housing allowance, etc.) will be provided on conditions.
Retirement allowance is included in the salary; it will not be provided when the person retires.
Medical benefits and pension plans are available by joining the National Public Service Personnel Mutual Aid Association.
Workmen's accident compensation and unemployment insurance are also available.
Fixed overtime pay is in place (Please refer to the Salary Regulations for Permanent Employees, Article 17, Paragraph 3 for details (in Japanese)).
Trial period is in place (Please refer to the Working Regulations for Permanent Employees, Article 37, Paragraph 2 through Paragraph 4 for details (in Japanese)).

* Exemption from repayments of scholarship loan by JASSO (only for scholarships for graduate programs (category 1) received by March 31, 2004).
Employer The President, National Institute for Materials Science
Joint Participation by Men and Women NIMS is creating a friendly workplace environment for everyone because it believes that the endeavor to promote the full working and family lives of individuals with different values and lifestyles is beneficial to the institute.

  • In 2009, NIMS has been certified as an institute implementing the Program for Child-rearing Support at Work based on the Act for the Advancement of Measures to Support Raising the Next Generation of Children. NIMS has established a work environment that facilitates handling both a career and the responsibilities of raising children.
  • Flexible working systems, such as the flex-time system and the discretionary work system, are in place.
  • Maternity leave, parenting leave, part-time work for child care, and family care leave, etc. are available.
  • Personnel expenses to employ a technical or administrative staff for 1 year may be provided to researchers, engineers and administrative staffs who take care of children or other family members.
  • NIMS supports female researchers. NIMS encourages applications from female candidates.
How to Apply

1.     Acquisition of Applicant ID
Applicants need to enter the Applicant ID on the application form and recommendation forms. Obtain the Applicant ID by sending the following email before applying.
Leave the subject of the email blank. Enter only your name in English letters (in the order of your first (given) name followed by your last (family name)) in the first line of the text. Send the email to registration19=nims.go.jp. (Please change "=" to "@") An email containing your Applicant ID will be sent to you. Send an inquiry to the email address below if you do not receive an email containing your Applicant ID within three days.
E-Mail: nims-recruit=nims.go.jp (Please change "=" to "@")

2.     Application documents [Click here to download the R19-04 application form]
Use the provided curriculum vitae (PDF form) and the application form (Word file) for the R19-04 group, which can also be downloaded by clicking the link at the bottom of this page.
Submit the curriculum vitae (PDF form) and the application form with PDF copies of no more than three representative papers to appliform19=nims.go.jp. (Please change "=" to "@")

*For applicants who are still in graduate school, submit your academic transcript after converting it into a PDF file.
I. Curriculum Vitae
Use the provided form for position number R19-04.
Enter necessary information in English or Japanese directly into the curriculum vitae file (PDF form).

To complete the curriculum vitae file (PDF form), you need Adobe Acrobat (version 9 or above) or Adobe Reader (version 8 or above). If you use a non-Adobe third-party application, it may not function as expected. If you do not have Adobe Reader or use older versions, download the latest version (free) from the download page (http://get.adobe.com/reader/).

If you still cannot enter data into this file even after downloading the latest version of Adobe Reader, contact us at the following email address:
E-Mail: nims-recruit=nims.go.jp (Please change "=" to "@")

II. Application form
This document is used to examine the knowledge, skills, research abilities, abilities to plan and propose researches, and English communication skills of an applicant.
Use the form for the position number R19-04. After filling out the application form (Word file), convert it to a PDF file.

Research accomplishments
Describe your past research achievements in English within four pages of A4 size papers.

(2) Research Plan at NIMS
Describe plans of a research you want to do at NIMS (a short-term research plan and a mid- to long-term research plan) in English within two pages of A4 size papers.

(3) List of publications
Clearly categorize as original papers, proceedings, review papers, invited presentations, patents, and books in the sequence of publication from new to old with serial numbers assigned. Forthcoming research papers and articles in academic journals may be included only if they have been accepted for publication. There is no limit to the number of pages. Provide information in English. Publications written in Japanese may be described in Japanese.

III. PDF copies of no more than three representative papers
Submit representative papers (within three papers) of yours in PDF format. You may add supplementary data to the papers. In such cases, prepare PDF files by combining the paper and the supplementary data to submit.

3.     Letters of recommendation [Click here to download the R19-04 recommendation form]

Please arrange for two recommenders to directly submit letters of recommendation to recommend19=nims.go.jp (Please change "=" to "@") by June 19, 2019.

Use the form for position number R19-04. Please complete the form in English or Japanese and convert it into a PDF file. Only email submissions will be accepted. The subject line of the email should read: Recommendation for (Applicant ID) from (full name of recommender).
Please let the recommenders know in advance that NIMS may contact them directly.

Using your Applicant ID, you can check the acceptance status of the recommendation letter from two recommenders on our homepage. We do not respond to individual inquiries.
* To see the acceptance status, visit:

* If you are a graduate student, one reference must be your doctoral dissertation supervisor.

4.     Multiple applications
Applicants are not allowed to apply for multiple research positions. All female applicants are considered for the position of R19-02 [Field: Materials science (Applicants are limited to female researchers only.)], as well. Applicants are examined based on the application form submitted for positions of their first choices and do not have to prepare separate application forms.

* The information you provide to us will only be used for the purposes of the employment screening and reviewing the recruitment process and we will not use your personal information beyond the scope of the purpose of use. We appropriately manage the personal information under the NIMS Rules for Protection of Personal Information.

* Incomplete or incorrect applications may be rejected. Submitted application documents cannot be changed.

* Information cannot be provided on the details of the screening process.
Delivery Address * Application document (Curriculum Vitae (PDF form), Application Form, PDF copies of representative papers): appliform19=nims.go.jp (Please change "=" to "@")
The size of attached documents must be no more than 20MB.

* Letter of recommendation: recommend19=nims.go.jp (Please change "=" to "@")
Application documents and letters of recommendation should be sent by email.
Deadline Application documents and letters of recommendation must reach us no later than June 19, 2019.
How to Judge Paper screening and interview (including a presentation in English.) WebEx may be used in the first interview for applicants from overseas.
Schedule (tentative)
* Notification of the result of application : End of July, 2019
* Presentation/interviews: August, 2019

* All applicants are notified of the results regardless of acceptance or rejection.
* We do not respond to individual inquiries about the method and results of the selection.
Contact to
Human Resources Development Group [R19-04]
For more information, please contact us.
Human Resources Development Group, NIMS
E-Mail: nims-recruit=nims.go.jp (Please change "=" to "@")


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