Recent developments in theory of superfluidity

Date & Time
06 July 2010 (Tue), 15:30 -
8F large seminar room, Sengen site/千現地区8階中セミナー室
Professor Yusuke Kato
Department of Basic Science, The University of Tokyo
Recent developments in theory of superfluidity
We discuss recent developments in the theory of superfluidity in condensed Bose-Einstein systems, with a particular focus on a stability criterion of a superfluid phase. We showed in [1,2] that dynamical density fluctuations of superfluids are enhanced near the critical velocity in two kinds of instability: in the Landau instability and in the soliton emission instability . On the basis of this finding, we propose a new criterion for stability of superfluid.
[1] Y. Kato and S. Watabe,  J. Low Temp. Phys. 158, 92 (2010) "Generalized Criterion for Stability of Superflow Past an Obstacle"
[2] Y. Kato and S. Watabe,  arXiv:1006.2999 (2010) "Dynamical density fluctuations of superfluids near the critical velocity"; PRL, to appear.
Dr. Akihiro Tanaka(田中秋広)