Modeling Ordered Phases using Compound Energy Formalism

Date & Time
20 May 2010 (Thu), 13:30 - 15:00
8F large seminar room, Central Bldg., Sengen site
Professor Bo Sundman
INSTN, CEA-Saclay, France
Modeling Ordered Phases using Compound Energy Formalism
The thermodynamic modeling of chemical ordering in multicomponent alloys will be presented. First ordering in binary systems, like in FCC phases as in Al-Ni and Au-Cu and in BCC phases as in Al-Fe and Fe-Ti will be explained.
The modeling of ordering is very dependent on the use of first principle calculations to obtain enthalpies of formation for meta-stable ordered states. Then extrapolation of the ordering into ternary and higher order systems will be discussed. The approximation of the short range ordering contribution to the Gibbs energy in the Compound Energy Formalism will be explained. The modeling of ordered phases that never disorder, like s and m, will also be discussed.
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Dr. Taichi Abe(阿部太一)