Theory of quantum transport in superconductor / ferromagnet hybrid junctions

Date & Time
13 July 2009 (Mon) 15:30 – 17:00
8F large seminar room, Sengen site
Dr. Shin-ichi Hikino (挽野真一博士)
Institute for Materials Research, Tohoku University (東北大学金属材料研究所)
Theory of quantum transport in superconductor/ferromagnet hybrid junctions
In a Josephson junction with a ferromagnet (FM), which is called the ferromagnetic Josephson junction (FJJ), the Cooper pairs penetrate into the FM and have additional momenta due to the exchange energy in the FM. As a result, the phase of the superconducting order parameter shifts by π. The so-called π-state has been studied extensively. However, the magnetic scattering and magnetization dynamics for Cooper pair has not received much attention in the study of FJJs. Moreover, most of studies on the FJJs have been so far focused on the dc Josephson effect. In this talk, I present three topics: (1) Effect of magnetic scattering in a ferromagnetic Josephson junction, (2) AC Josephson current in a ferromagnetic Josephson junction, and (3) Theory of ferromagnetic Josephson resonance.
Dr. Hiroyuki Yamase(山瀬博之)